Artify - Portrait des deux cofondateurs Simon Cau et Christophe Roux devant deux tableaux d'art connectés diffusant des oeuvres de Willy Ronis
Artify - Portrait du cofondateur Simon Cau devant deux tableaux d'art connectés diffusant des oeuvres de Willy Ronis

Simon Cau, Art Director

Simon is in charge of the contents
and Artify art partnerships.
A pop-up gallery manager and independent curator, he has an in-depth knowledge of art and its networks. His passion ?
Highlight artistic creation.

Artify - Portrait du cofondateur Christophe Roux devant deux tableaux d'art connectés diffusant des oeuvres de Willy Ronis

Christophe Roux, CEO

Christophe is in charge of strategy, development and finance for Artify.
He excels in combining his taste for advice, his financial expertise and his passion for new technologies. His favorite subject?
Connected objects.

The birth of Artify

ARTIFY, an alliance of Art and Digital, was born from the meeting of two enthusiasts with complementary profiles: Simon Cau and Christophe Roux.

At the start of the adventure, Christophe, a tech lover, informed Simon, a nomadic gallery owner, of an innovative project in the field of art: disseminating works outside the walls thanks to digital technology. Indeed, if music, cinema or literature have started their technological revolution, the field of visual arts is still in its infancy.

The influence of new technologies on all fields, including artistic ones, is undeniable. Rather than fighting against this development, it seems more judicious and productive to them to accompany the movement of progress while respecting Art and its actors.

To move from idea to concept, they follow Idenergie together, the Laval Mayenne Technopole (LMT) support program, for which they receive the 1st Prize.

Artify - Participation au Salon idenergie
Idenergie award ceremony
Artify - Salon - Les cofondateurs Christophe Roux et Simon Cau devant un tableau d'art connecté
BPI Innogénération exhibition

On their way, they integrate two incubators : LMT in Laval and Ionis 361 in Paris. A first prototype is born. It is set up in Deauville within the Tourist Office and the City Congress Center.

On the strength of this experience, they received marks of recognition from the worlds of Art and Tech: a first order from the Ministry of Culture and a selection to represent the Pays de la Loire at the BPI Innogénération show.

Reinforced in their idea, the two entrepreneurs created the start-up ARTIFY in early 2018, driven by the values of excellence, transmission, respect and listening. The ambition is to become the world reference for digital artistic offerings in the professional environment by constantly putting the best of technologies at the service of Art.

Key partners by our side

They advise us

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They support us technically

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They support us artistically

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They expose us

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They talk about us

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