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Artify - Tableau d'art connecté Accueil de la Fédération Syntec
Artify - Logo Fédération Syntec png

Home of the Syntec Federation

The Syntec Federation has chosen the « Discover Art » offer to enhance its lobby. Visitors are immediately immersed in the innovative nature of the Federation.

Artify - Portrait de Mathieu Rosy

Matthieu Rosy, General Delegate of the Syntec Federation


Artify - Logo Groupe Audiens png

Audiens Group Arts & Letters Café

The Audiens social protection group selected the “Explore Art” offer to transform its corporate restaurant into an art gallery. A great way to offer a space for cultural relaxation to its employees.

Artify - Portrait de Stéphane Lecoq

Stéphane Lecoq, Strategic Marketing Manager

Beyond the individual interest of employees in the works, the connected board provokes many exchanges between colleagues, which contributes positively to the well-being of all.

Artify - Tableau d'art connecté au Café des Arts & Lettres du Groupe Audiens
Artify - Arty Hours - Animation teambuildig en entreprise
Artify - Logo Actual png

Home of the Actual Group

Actual Recruitment and Interim Group has subscribed to the artistic mediation workshops of the “Dialog with Art” offer. Every month in the reception hall, the Artify connected board becomes a meeting and cultural exchange point between employees.

Artify - Portrait de Samuel Tual

amuel Tual, President of Actual Leader Group

What I found great is that beyond seeing the painting on the connected board, we spend a moment together with a specialist who helps us decode it

Artify - Logo Crédit Agricole png

“Art and Wine” evening with Crédit Agricole clients

Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine, through our “Meet the Art” event service, took its clients on board for an evening, for an artistic and oenological trip. Within the framework of the Village by CA Laval, this unique experience allowed them to interact with works of art presented on our connected board while tasting a glass of wine.

Artify - Portrait de Jean-Marie Ferrard

Jean-Marc Freard, Director of Agence Espace Pro Banque Privée Laval

Thanks to the collaboration of Simon Cau (Artify) and Anthony Aulnette (La Cave du Château), beautiful stories were told to our customers and all of them actively participated in this unique evening on Art and Wine!

Artify - Arty Hours - Animation teambuildig en entreprise - Arty Drinks - Art & Vin
Artify - Logo Ministère de la culture png

Willy Ronis exhibition at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin

Artify - Tableaux d'art connectés - Exposition Willy Ronis par Willy Ronis au Pavillon Carré de Baudouin

The Town Hall of the 20th arrondissement of Paris, the Media Library of Architecture and Heritage, the department of the Ministry of Culture chose Artify to enrich the Willy Ronis exhibition. Thanks to our “Exhibiting Art” service, two connected tables enabled more than 80,000 visitors to admire 590 photographs and the comments written by the artist. A superb complement to the 192 photographs which were displayed.

Artify - Ronan Guinée en charge du fond Willy Ronis à la MAP Médiathèque de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine

Ronan Guinée, in charge of the Willy Ronis fund at MAP

The solution proposed by Artify combined playful interaction with the public, increased access to photographs and texts that we could not display as a whole, and respect for display on screens of high visual quality.